In true Rolf style.

Well, can you?

Just as the title suggests.
This is the first attempt at a saying, can you perhaps conclude as to which?
I suppose if I said plainly ‘can you tell what it is yet’ it might be a wee bit of copyright infringement.

So yes, if you didn’t get it, silly you, and for those who did, you’re quite right!
This is trying to represent the saying ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’.

How, might you ask?
Well Jimmy, it’s portraying it, rather crudely, with a grown dog on one side, with a pup on the other.
With me so far? It gets heady from here on in!

Sorry, I’ll stop taking the mick soon.

Basically the circle with tangents spraying off represent the amount of tricks known by the animal, and the pup clearly have a lot more of them.
Perhaps a little over the top with the puppy being able to cook intricate puddings while calculating how much annual income you are pulling in, sure!
But hey, this is my work, so nyaaaah!

Peace out, bra’.

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Mocking me?!

Great. Lovely, now we need a mocked up magazine all ready and printed pretty for Monday. This is going to be nice since my size will end up larger than my A4 printer will allow. Damn you paper size constrictions!!

Not to fear, it’ll have to do with the fact I’m going to draw it out instead so they can get the general feeeel.
I mean, it’s a mock up, how much could they be expecting right? Not much, right??

Yeah, it’ll be fines.

Maybe if the images are made up easy, or if i complete a few general page layouts and final images, then print and arrange them on the ‘magazine’ pages where they’re sit. And maybe add some colour swatches and grid samples, just to give the thing a good feel.
So that’ll be nice.

I guess it’s time to get to it rather than sitting and complaining that it’s a lot of work to get doing…

Well, 4, technically.

Ta ta.

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Food for thought.

Whilst I sit here at what is still a lovely desk, and surprisingly tidy-esque. I begin to notice the piling lists of what i need to achieve by the next 5 weeks mount into something I can only describe and ‘bricking’.


Wall of Doom




Ouch indeed!  Hurt my brain just writing them. I don’t know what it is, me and lists. Lists and me! We go way back. To last month actually. Aah, heady days.

I thought, why not, it couldn’t hurt. Write a list here and there, of all the final products of this project. It’s good right? To have a check list? Some security in knowing you’ve at least got everything, even if it’s not exactly up to standard. But let’s hope that bit doesn’t come true.

And now here I sit, with lists upon lists. Lists about lists! Lists which are listing that I need to complete prior lists before looking at this one. Where will the madness end?!
Hopefully within these last 5 weeks. Or perhaps before then so I may be able to print.

But there is some hope! It comes in the form of good ‘ol Mr T.S Coes’ yummy and VALUEable pretzels.


Om nom nom!

No product placement here! No no.
Though I did notice while nomming said tasty morsels they are star shaped. Which got me to liking the thought of it being Christmas. So the tunes have been broken out early! I need some tinsely tingly spirit right about now!

Ta ta!



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Check these out for size!

Prepare yourselves. Cos this is a little bit cool!

Well, at least it would be if this was still the early Ninties when they just became awesome for the first time.
But I’m excited so I’m posting it anyways!


Yes it is a hairdryer in the shape of a duck.

I know eh?
But yes, I purchased some 3D glasses so i can start making some images for my magazine.

I’ve came to a nice conclusion as an idea.
Ready for it? Here we go…

Well the topic is about Maxims, I think I mentioned that previously, probably not, but for all of us who are too lazy for more scrolling, that’s a nice word for sayings. Those witty one liners that seems to sum up a part of life we’ve all somehow encountered.  How did they do it?!
But yes, the theme of the magazine is one we can chose wildly, so long as we link maxims in some way. So I thought why not just make it easier and mix them all in a tasty pie.

So the idea is, taking into consideration info-graphics,  3d art and maxims. All equates to having a supplement magazine full of some well knows phrases and ‘life lessons’ which have been portrayed in some funky information graphics, but to top it all of they are 3D! So you can sit there having a wail of a time while you get looked at oddly.

Well, I’m rather proud of it anyhoo.

So i best get started eh? Indeed.
But procrastination is a wondrous thing.
Thank goodness for tomorrow!

Plus I’ve given the gecko some crickets so it’s rather fun to sit and watch her hunt.
They are rather clumsy.

Ta ta !

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Information technology.

Everybody loves information.
And if they don’t they should.

But everyone (bare the ones who don’t) loves information, when it’s displayed in those pretty little graphs. But not the boring ol’ pie charts.
Although, I have nothing against pie, I just don’t think information belongs in them.
It would get all sticky.

Here are some examples of Information Graphics which aren’t in the least bit gooey!


See what they did there?



A'hoy Sailor.


You got mail.


Cars and Alchohol

A little tipple

So do you see?
Knowledge is power!
And power is hilarious.

Ta ta.

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Dear god man is there anything cuter?!

The insanity! Honestly! How ridiculously lovely is this?!

Share this love!

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New threads.

Stumbling away, quite literally mind you, I come across Mr Glenn Jones.
What a guy!

On Behance Network you too can enjoy some of his finery.

The style of vector is a sweet and simple one, but it’s comedic value is heart warming, and I for one would rather enjoy them on some snazzy top.

Take a gander.

Glenn Snake


Glenn Energy

Low battery

Glenn Busters

I didn't ring them...

Glenn Exercise

Perhaps the best solution

Glenn Phone

There's an App for that?!

The last one is my favourite! But aren’t they lovely? You just can’t help but smile. I think the ideas behind them are magic, well worth a look.

Ta ta.

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